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The Importance of Photos in Your Home Décor

The Importance of Photos in Your Home Décor

Life moves too fast these days and we want to capture every memorable moment of it. With smartphones providing professional quality snaps, we’re taking more photos than ever. But how can we make the most of them? There are several ways you could incorporate them into your home décor and this blog pulls out the 7 reasons why you should.

1. Show off your personality

We spend a large amount of time at home and it should be a place where your true self comes to life. The fun part is you can achieve this is so many ways; coloured frames to match your décor, adding texture with different materials and picking those particular pictures where the energy just bounces from the frame straight into your home.

2. They’re packed with well-being benefits

There’s nothing more comforting than surrounding yourself with the people you love and who love you. They might not be there in physical form but displaying pictures of those who mean the most to you creates a positive, emotional connection which has been proven to increase your mood, relieve stress and allow you to feel grateful for what you have.

3. Build your family timeline

From remembering those who have passed to smiling at special occasions, photos keep your family history alive. By using multi-aperture frames you can group milestone events such as Christmases, birthdays, graduations and weddings, and add to it year after year.

4. They reinforce favourite memories

The reason we take photos is to capture a moment in time. By displaying those moments around your home, you’re cementing the memory, enabling you to recall where you were, what made you laugh and share the story again and again.

5. Help your self-esteem

With life becoming so busy, it’s natural for everyone to occasionally feel a little lost. By having photos around you, they’re a reminder that you’re part of a family, friendship or community. It helps build your confidence and makes you feel like you belong.

6. Create your own wall art

With smartphones taking such high quality pictures, you can easily use your own personal snaps to create decorative pieces. Whether it’s a collage of square frames to showcase your Insta pics or statement poster frames for that stunning beach shot, there’s something for every type of home.

7. Get your guests talking

By placing photo boxes or hanging pictures where guests tend to gather; your kitchen, living room, even the bathroom, you instantly create a conversation starter. It could be catching up over a happy occasion, recommendations over a holiday destination or simply complimenting an outfit. You never know which story you’ll be retelling or the next adventure you could be inspiring.

Where to start?

Think about where you want to display your pictures in your home and then find the right photo frames to complement that space, size and décor. But remember to try a few placeholders before attaching anything to the wall and include the pictures that make you smile.

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